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Ditch Diggers ep. 1- my 3 minutes of anonymous fame (re-run)

This post originated from my personal website, from May of 2015. I am reposting it here, and may post others that relate to writing in the future.

One of the resources in my writer’s toolbox is the I Should Be Writing podcast by Mur Lafferty. Occasionally over the years she has brought on writer Matt Wallace for a segment called “Good Cop, Bad Cop” where they would address listener questions.

Starting in 2015 Mur and Matt began a podcast focused on the business of writing (rather than the craft). The first episode of Ditch Diggers was previewed on I Should Be Writing as episode #339, and the call for questions was for a Good Cop/Bad Cop segment. I answered that call.

call and answer

I am tickled by the reply I got from Mur and Matt, although it has left me wondering a few things.

  • Should I be considering a new vocation?
  • Should I be worried about my safety if my story is good (eyes Matt)?
  • And what does it mean when Jet Li fights Jet Li?

The clip is from Ditch Diggers #1 / ISBW #339, posted here with permission from Mur Lafferty. You should totally check out those podcasts, however, and you can listen to the full episode at either place.

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